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Video poker games

Games with a Progressive Jackpot

Some of the video poker games feature one or more progressive jackpots. Each time the machine is played, a small portion of each bet is placed in the jackpot. When a player receives the winning combination that is linked to the jackpot in the payout table, s/he wins the whole jackpot. Note however, that only the maximum number of coins qualifies for the jackpot, if a player bets less than the maximum, s/he wins the amount listed in the payout table for this bet column. Whenever you play for the progressive, make sure that the payout table column with the jackpot symbol is highlighted.

Special Games

Most of the video poker machines differ only in their payout table and in the number and type of wild cards. There are also some games that have particular rules:

Quick Pick Poker

This video poker variant simplifies the game considerably. After placing the bet as usual, the player is dealt two card pairs: the pair to the left will stay in the hand, and cannot be replaced by draw cards. From the pair on the right, one card will be held and the other card will be replaced with a new card. A new fifth card will complete the hand. The only decision that the player has to make in the draw stage is which of the two cards should be held. The DRAW button is not used; as soon as the player clicks on one of the two HOLD buttons or one of the two cards, the draw will be activated. The held card is then moved to the vacant middle position and two new cards will be drawn, so that the player ends up with a full poker hand, which is then evaluated according to the payout table as usual.

This game is quite different from the standard video poker games, the player has fewer options and more constraints, however playing decisions are much easier than in the standard game.

Triple Pay Poker

Some video poker variants are offered as triple pay games. This means that three rows of cards are shown, the payout table is in the upper left corner and shows only the column with the selected number of coins. The player bets the selected number of coins on each of the three rows, so e.g. selecting 5 coins means betting 15 coins altogether. When the player selects the number of coins to play with and clicks on DEAL, five cards are dealt only to the bottom row. Any cards that are held are duplicated to the upper two rows. When the player clicks the DRAW button, each card row receives an independent draw from a separate card deck.

Triple pay poker has two advantages over the standard single pay game: First, it plays much faster, so if you are hunting for a Royal Flush, you can reach your goal more quickly. Second, if you receive a good deal, you get it three times - e.g. if you get pat four of a kind, you will be paid for it three times and if you obtain four to a Royal, you have three chances to complete it and if you make it in all three rows, you will indeed end up with and be paid for three Royals.



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