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Video poker options


There are several options that influence how the game is played. They are accessible from the Options panel, either directly on the main page or through a button in the player info window.

Auto hold

When the auto hold feature is enabled, the program automatically holds cards that make up a winning combination and those that are close to it:
  • one or two pairs will be auto-held even if they do not win
  • wild cards will be auto-held even if they don't result in a winning combination
The auto hold option can be enabled both in the Options panel and directly in the video poker machine window with the AUTO HOLD button. This button always reflects the state of this option, and is lit when the option is enabled.

Hot click

This option speeds up the pace of the game considerably. When it is enabled, the right mouse button can be used instead of the buttons:
  • In the betting phase, clicking on the right mouse button is the equivalent of pressing the BET MAX button, the max bet is accepted and new cards are dealt.
  • In the drawing phase, the right mouse button will act like the DRAW button.
These two options can be switched on separately.

Important notice: Our Video Poker games are provided only for human players. Any use of automated robot software not authorized by the Global Player Casino will result in an immediate closing of the player account and in revoking all wins. Moreover, as the game protocol used for the communication with the casino server is patented, any use of automated tools not authorized by the Global Player Casino constitutes a patent infringement and will be legally prosecuted.

Speed Limit

Some video poker machines are played so heavily that a speed limit had to be imposed on them. When such machines are selected, the program displays a popup window saying that the machine has a speed limit.
The best way to play these games is to take approximately 10 seconds for each round (i.e. deal and draw together). A round or two can be faster, but then the following rounds should be correspondingly slower. If the game pace is too fast for the casino server, it will display a corresponding message. When this happens it is best to take a break before clicking repeatedly on the DEAL button.
There are only a handful of machines with speed limits, so if you prefer to play faster, you should select any of the non-restricted ones.

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